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Trace and locate debtors with FinTrace

Process trace requests immediately or set online alerts to get the results you need.
About Us

Our tracing platform utilises data from multiple internal and external sources, enabling you to quickly find debtors or reconnect with lost customers.

Upload known customer data and immediately return results.


Find new telephone numbers, addresses, Employer information and Linked Individuals in the same or previous residences.

Monitor known debtor data - Upload information and set alerts.


Get informed you as soon as we find new information to help you trace the individual.

Our Solutions

Everyday our platform processes over 40,000 individual customer data entries and we maintain a database of 57,000,000 UK consumer records. 

We keep detailed histories of an individual's current and previous addresses and contact channels.

We can provide Employer information, reconnect individuals to new addresses, tell you when a telephone number was last used to receive calls.

Our solutions are used by businesses that offer consumer credit facilities including Lenders, Utility Companies, Retail Finance and Local Authorities and Debt Collection Agencies.


Our Team has over ten years experience  delivering innovative database solutions for Credit Reference Agencies in the UK.


Our platform returns accurate, meaningful results that will increase the number of individuals you are able to contact and reduce the cost of debt recovery for your business.

Our proprietary technology combines unique data feeds, external databases and recorded consumer actions to produce outcomes that save you time and return results.


Access over 40,000 entries everyday and 57,000,000 historical records.

Who are we

How it works


Utilising live data feeds from millions of online applications, quotes and registrations and with a database of 57m Individuals we make it easy to reconnect with lost customers and debtors. Get immediate results or set alerts to be informed when we locate the Individual you want to trace.


Online access allows you to quickly get results. Upload known customer information including Addresses, Telephone numbers, Email Addresses and Bank Account Numbers. Our system works to trace Individuals you want to find and return new information.

How it works

"The game changing tracing solution."

Request demo
Request demo

To schedule a product demo with one of our trace specilaists, please fill in your contact details below

Thank you for your enquiry.

Tel: 0113 4266 550

Platform, New Station St, Leeds, LS1 4JB

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